My First Panic Attack

They say you can never forget your first kiss…

Its true.

You can never forget your first Panic Attack either…

This is true for me.

I was 21 yrs old and it was a stinker of a very hot summer day.  My mum made chicken soup for lunch.  I remember feeling all of a sudden, out of the blue, a sense of feeling hot, constricted, anxious and scared.  I stormed out of my chair and told my mum I wasn’t feeling well and ran into the lounge room.  I remember my mum being worried .  I lay on the couch all confused and scared at what was happening to me.  

My head was heavy, my heart racing, sweating, couldn’t breathe properly.  I wanted to just run away.  I didn’t though.

I just lay there on the couch slowly feeling the feeling of ease come over me.  I got up and went back to the table.  I cant remember if i finished my lunch.

Until next time